Story of Délı̨nę Logo

Story of Délı̨nę Logo

Story of Délı̨nę Logo

The Délı̨nę Got’ı̨nę Government’s logo is truly representative of the people of Délı̨nę.

The inspiration for the logo came from a contest within the community. From 16 submissions, Blair Yukon’s artwork was chosen as the winner, which went on to become the foundation for the final design.

The drum represents the foundation of the DGG, built on Délı̨nę culture, spiritual practices, and traditions. The four rays on top of Great Bear Lake represent Délı̨nę’s four prophets and emphasize the importance of spirituality within the community.

The overlapping ribbons symbolize the people. The weaving of the ribbons represents how the people are connected to tradition and remain true to their cultural roots, as they move toward the future.

The image of Great Bear Lake comes from a map drawn by John Tetso, a former Chief of Délı̨nę, who has since passed on. The map highlights the importance of Great Bear Lake to the people of Délı̨nę.

The teepee represents the people of Délı̨nę, coming together and united by one government. It also shows the location of Délı̨nę on Great Bear Lake.

Délı̨nę Got’ı̨nę Government