Ɂekw’ahtı̨dǝ́ (Chief)

The Ɂek’wahtı̨dǝ́ (which means "highest honest leader"), is the elected leader of the Délı̨nę Got’ı̨nę Government (DGG). The Ɂek’wahtı̨dǝ́ is also the presiding officer of the Délı̨nę K’aowǝdó Kǝ (Main Council). He or she serves a four-year term. The current Ɂekw’ahtı̨dǝ́ is Daniel Gaudet, who was elected July 27th, 2022 and took office September 1st, 2022, along with the other elected and appointed councilors of the Délı̨nę K’aowǝdó Kǝ.

Délı̨nę Kaowǝdó Kǝ (Main Council)

The Délı̨nę K’aowǝdó Ke (DKK) is made up of eight members. The council serves a four-year term. It is made up of the Ɂek’wahtı̨dǝ́, the Ɂekw’ahtı̨ (Deputy Chief), a representative appointed by the Délı̨nę Ɂǫhda K’áowǝ Kǝ (Elders Council / DAKK), and members at large. The DKK is the legislative body of the DGG with the responsibility to exercise the jurisdictions and authorities set out in the Délı̨nę Got’ı̨nę ʔeɂadó (Constitution) and the Délı̨nę Final Self-Government Agreement.

The folowing members make up the current DKK:
Ɂekw’ahtı̨dǝ́ (Chief): Daniel Gaudet
Ɂekw’ahtı̨ (Deputy Chief): Raymond Taneton
DKK (Council) Members:

  • Gina Dolphus
  • Leonard Kenny
  • Jonas Modeste
  • Christopher Yukon
  • Dora Blondin
  • Marion Mackeinzo (DAKK Representative)
Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Ɂekw’ahtı̨dǝ́ and two other DKK members. As per the Government Organization Act (GOA), this committee acts generally as an oversight body of the DGG, and as the Finance Committee, and performs such duties and functions as are assigned to it by the DKK.

The following members make up the Executive Committee:

  • Ɂekw’ahtı̨dǝ́ Gaudet
  • Ɂekw’ahtı̨ Taneton
  • Leonard Kenny
  • Christopher Yukon – Alternate DKK member
Délı̨nę Got’ı̨nę Government