Public Works

Public Works

Public Works

Public Works Department

Fire 867-445-8370 | RCMP 911 | Bylaw 867-446-5450

The Department of Public Works provides fire, bylaw, utility, and maintenance services for the community of Délı̨nę.

Fire Services

A team of volunteer firefighters supports a full-time Fire Chief to protect the people and structures in the community. If you want to join the team, please call the Fire Chief at 867-445-8370.

Bylaw Enforcement

The Délı̨nę Bylaw Officer enforces community bylaws. Please review the bylaws.

Water, Sewage, and Garbage

Public Works operates the Délı̨nę Water Treatment Plant. Water is delivered and sewage is removed by tanker trucks. Water and sewage services are provided to private homes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; and at government housing on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Unscheduled services are available but only after scheduled services have been completed. Same-day call-out service is not guaranteed and no services are available after 8 pm. There is a fee of $80 for call-out services. For water call 867-446-3241. For sewage call 867-446-3811.

Garbage is collected Monday through Friday.

Airport and Road Maintenance

The Department of Public Works provides maintenance for the airport and community roads. Please call 867-589-5575 to report issues.

Kirk Dolphus – Director of Public Works
Phone: 867-589.3515
Victor Beyonnie Building

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