Dene Laws

Dene Laws

Dene Laws
We respect the wisdom of our ancestors,
Their knowledge and teachings.
We respect the Dene Laws.

The Creator sent Yamoria to bring peace and life by giving people and animals laws to live by. We respect the wisdom of our elders. They hold experience and knowledge of the lands, animals, waters, and our Sahtúot’ı̨nę language and culture.

We respect the wisdom and teachings of Ɂehtseo (Grandfather) Ayha, the Prophet. He told of our future as Sahtúot’ı̨nę. He told of our continuing responsibility for the lands, waters, and animals necessary to our existence. He told of the importance of our language, culture, and spirituality as the source of our strength.

We recognize the importance of all Sahtúot’ı̨nę working together: women and men, elders, adults and youth. We maintain our customs, our traditions and our laws. Our traditional knowledge is passed down from elders to the younger generations. We respect and acknowledge our elders. The younger generations carry our hopes for the future of our people.

  1. Share what you have
  2. Help each other
  3. Love each other as much as possible
  4. Be respectful of Elders & everything around you
  5. Pass on the teaching
  6. Be happy at all times
  7. Be polite and don’t argue with anyone
  8. Young girls and boys should behave respectfully
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