Funding Programs

Funding Programs

Post Secondary Funding Programs

Funding for University College Preparation Programs

This funding program is for those who need to upgrade to be accepted into a college, university, trade, or vocational program. It is available to Registered Status Indians with (the band formerly known as) Délı̨nę First Nation for fall, winter, or spring programs.

Funding for Post-secondary Programs

For Registered Status Indians with (the band formerly known as) Délı̨nę First Nations Who Have Been Denied Student Financial Assistance

and/or accepted by SSI Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET) Program

You can apply for funding for a college, university, trade, or vocational program full-time or part-time.

For Délı̨nę Beneficiaries Who Have Secured Funding from NWTSFA, ISET, and Provincial Funder

You can apply for top-up funding for you to attend a college university, trade, or vocational program, full-time or part-time in a spring, summer, fall, or winter program.

Education Funding Application Process

First-time Applicants

Complete Form A and Form B. Please note that Form B also has a section that needs to be completed by your educational institution.
You will also need to provide previous education institution transcripts with your letter of intent and one reference letter from an educator, employer or person who supports your post-secondary initiative.

Form A

Form B

Continuing Students

If you attended an educational institution in the previous semester and are continuing your education initiative, please complete Form B and Form C.

Form B

Form C

Funding for Travel

If you are a student receiving DGG-AADNC or UCEP and will be attending a program which is over 200km outside of your home community, you may apply for Travel Funding. please complete the Travel Application form

Change of Information
If your information changes after you’ve submitted your application and during your school year, please complete the Form D – Change of Information.

Need Help?

If you need assistance with the forms or have any questions, please contact the Post Secondary Student Success Worker at 867-589-3515 extension1110 or email at

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