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2018 Juna Hand Games Tournament

Register your team today! This February 15-18 2018 Juna Takazo's Mens Handgame Tournament will begin after the fire feeding and opening prayers by elders and youth at the Jerry Vital Arena 9AM on Friday, February 16, 2018. Visit 2018 Juna Takazo's hand games webpage For more information, please contact Blair Yukon or Leslie Baton at…
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Deline Capital Distribution Payout

TAKE NOTICE There will be Deline Capital Distribution Payout of $500.00 per person. The payout forms are available in the main office at Deline Gotine Government building. For the people living in Yellowknife, or elsewhere you can download or you can contact DGG office @ 867-589-8100. Please fill out forms and fax it back…
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