Leadership and councils

The DGG is made up of several branches. These include:


The Ɂek'wahtı̨dǝ́ (which means “highest honest leader” in the Délı̨nę Got’ı̨nę dialect), is the elected leader of the Délı̨nę Got’ı̨nę Governement, and also sits on the Délı̨nę Got’ı̨nę K’aowǝdó Ke. He or she serves a four-year term and is chosen by Délı̨nę First Nation Citizens. The Ɂek'wahtı̨dǝ́ must be a Délı̨nę First Nation Citizen and a resident of Délı̨nę. The current Ɂek'wahtı̨dǝ́ is Raymond Tutcho, who was elected on June 6, 2016 to take office on September 01, 2016, along with the other elected councillors of the Deline K’aowedo Ke.

Délı̨nę K'aowǝdó Kǝ

The K’aowǝdó Ke is made up of 8 members. The first council will serve a two-year term. It is made up of the Ɂek'wahtı̨dǝ́, an Elders’ representative appointed by the Ɂǫhda K’aǫwǝ Ke (Elders Council), and members at large.

The K’aowǝdó Ke runs the government and passes laws. The Executive/Finance Committee, made up of members of the K’aowedo Ke, is ultimately responsible for the day-to-day decisions of the government.

The following members make up the current K’aowedo Ke:

  • Ekw'atide: Raymond Tutcho
  • Elders representative: Charlie Neyelle
  • Executive Members: Freda Taneton and Raymond Taniton
  • Councillors: Tommy Betsidea, Jane Modeste, Danny Bahya and Morris Neyelle

Deline Aohda K’aowe Ke

The Aohda K’aowe Ke is made up of all Deline Elders. It gives advice to Council and appoints a representative to Council.

Dene K’e Dats’eredi Ke

The K’e Dats’eredi Ke will be made up of three members, who each serve a four-year term.

It will be an independent body that will handle dispute resolution, enforcement of DGG law and appeals from DGG decisions.

Dene Gha Gok’e rehkwi

The Dene Gha Gok’e rehkw’i (DGGR) is made up of five members, who each serve a four-year term. It is elected by resident and non-resident land claim beneficiaries.

The DGGR manages land claim monies and lands, and gives direction to the K’aowedo Ke on land claim matters.

Deline Lenats’ehde Dzene

The Lenats’ehde Dzene meets at least once a year. It is made up of all Deline First Nation Citizens and all residents of the Deline District. It will receive reports from the DGG, including reports on land claim matters.

Deline Renewable Resources Council

The Deline Renewable Resources Council is a society established under the authority of the Sahtu Dene Métis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement of 1993. It assists hunters and trappers in the community, and encourages and promotes local involvement in conservation, harvesting studies and wildlife management.

The Deline Renewable Resources Council consists of seven directors elected by public meeting at an annual general meeting of its membership.