To conduct the day-to-day business of government, the DGG has five departments that are responsible for a variety of areas.

Government Services Department

The Government Services Department is managed by the DGG’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). It is responsible for services for the entire DGG, such as general management and administration for all DGG departments; finance; human resources; elections and citizenship; intergovernmental relations, and IT and communications.

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Programs & Services Department

The Programs & Services Department is responsible for all programs and services under the DGG’s jurisdiction, such as justice, economic development, language and culture, pre-school, and wellness.

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Lands, Resources & Environment Department

The Lands, Resources & Environment Department is responsible for community lands management, community land use planning, and settlement lands planning. It also acts as an environmental and regulatory interface with other governments and management boards.

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Local Services Department

The Local Services Department manages services for residents of Deline, such as water, road and fire services; recreation; capital planning; gambling and gaming licensing; and the airport contract.

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Beneficiaries Services Department

The Beneficiaries Services Department provides management and support services for the DGGR; services for land claim beneficiaries; and support for beneficiaries’ business entities. It also manages indigenous rights issues.

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