Capital Distribution Payout


There will be Deline Capital Distribution Payout of $1500.00 per person. The payout forms are available in the main office at Deline Gotine Government building.

For the people living in Yellowknife, or elsewhere you can download CPO Forms 2017 for yourself only.

For yourself and/or your dependants, you need to fill out both CPO Forms 2017 and 2017 Children CPO Authorization Form.

Please fill out forms and fax it back to DGG office @867-589-8101 or email it to or

The release for the cheque will be on or before July 14, 2017 @ 9am at Cultural Centre. We need consent forms if your family member are picking up your cheque.

  • SSI Finance Department is dealing with other Sahtu Corporations on their payout and this is the reason for the delay. Please have patience.

If you need more information please do contact 867-589-8100. Mahsi