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The Deline Got’ine Government

The Deline Got’ine Government (DGG) is a major achievement for the people of Deline. It is the first combined Indigenous/public government in the Northwest Territories. A combined Indigenous/public government is Treaty-based with self-governing authorities. But unlike other self-governments, it represents and serves not only Deline First Nation Citizens, but all residents of Deline.

Since 1995, the Deline Elders’ vision was for their community to have one organization with responsibility for governing the community, which has the funding and powers to make decisions and deliver programs in a way that makes sense for Deline. On September 1, 2016, that vision became a reality as the Deline First Nation, Deline Land Corporation and Charter Community of Deline were combined into one government.

The DGG assumed the authorities, programs and services of these three organizations, along with self-government authorities. The community now has one government with one set of rules. It can also take on new self-government powers and responsibilities. The Deline Got’ine Government has important tools to support and serve the people of Deline—including all Deline land claim beneficiaries no matter where they live,  and Deline First Nation Citizens—particularly in preserving their culture, language, spiritual practices and land-based way of life.